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goodbye :(

i would like to thank JAYSTAR for his time and effort with raised alarm and wish him a goodbye and good luck.

peace dude :(

More Runners


OSCIR (cid ors)

Gasp vs Mixy

A surprising result, good battle though still. Highly recommend subscribing to the DontFlop youtube channel if you're into hip hop, some awesome battles from all over the UK. Cannae be arsed resizing it at the moment i'm afraid, maybe Raisealarm will for me :)

Resized ;)

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Found on Streetfiles


All profits from these tees go to him, so get yours now if you wanna show some support!

Seen here

More info about his sentence after the jumpo.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Seem to have misplaced a few photos on my laptop... so i'll have to get the rest off my camera when i get a chance.

Class 334 Junipers


Going... (Cheeky undersides on this one)


Yet more alterations to the appearance of the Scottish railway.
I personally think the new junipers look sick but as I've said before, can't beat the original.

Hope you all appreciate my attention to detail, same train and station in every photo :-)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010